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  • Birendra Pani
Born : 1969, Bhadrak, Odisha, India.
Fine Arts Education :
1997-99 MFA (Distinction) Faculty of Fine arts M.S. University Baroda. 1991-97 BFA. Kala Bhavan. Viswabharati University, Santiniketan. 1987-90 Studio for Fine Arts, Second World,Bhadrak.
Awards and Scholarship :
2001 : Junior Fellowship, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of Indian,New Delhi, India. 2001 : Lalit Kala Academy Award B.B.S.R. Orissa 1997 : 11th All India Art Contest & Exhibition South Zone Cultural Centre (First prize) Professional Category; Award Graphics ) Nagpur, Maharastra. 1997:50 years Post Indian Independence Art Award at Bhubaneswar .Orissa 1994 : Lalit Kala Academy Award, Bhubaneswar, Orissa. 1992 : W A Summer Show Award, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. 1991-95 : Vishwabharti University merit Scholarship, Santiniketan. W.B.
Organising Exhibition :
2005 : DETOUR a Metamorphic Journey curetted by Rajashre.
Workshops in India and Abroad :
2011 New Media Art Camp Organized by Silchar University, Assam and LKA, New Delhi. 2011 All India Artist Camp Organized by Mr Aditya Bajoria, Thailand and Cambodia . 2010 All India Artist Camp Organized by ICA Gallery, Jaipur, Rajastan. 2010 Art karavan International at Santiniketan and kolkata. 2009 All India Artist Camp Organized by Art and Deal Magazine 10 years celebrating at Odisha. 2008 All India Artist Camp Organized by “Everest” Baroda at Combodia and Vietnam. All India Artist Camp Organized by Mumbai dept of Filmolosy at Switzerland. 2006 -All India Artist Camp Organized by India Fine Arts Gallery, Mumbai. 2005 -All India Artist Camp Organized by Gallery 88 Kolkata and Tata Steel, Tata, Jamshedpur. 2004 -All India Artist Camp Organized by Gallery Kaleidoscope Art Fest.Baroda. 2003 A New mediatic realism All India Contemporary Artist Camp at Uttarayan, Baroda. 1999 Serigraphy Camp org by “West Zone Cultural Centre, Udaypur, Rajasthan 1998 Multi plate Colour Etching Work shop at Fine arts MSU Baroda. 1997 All India Artist Camp Organized by Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal. 1996 All India Artist Camp Organized by BHU, Banaras. 1995 Workshop (Modern Experimental Drama) With Badal Sarkar(Sanko) at Shantiniketan.
Style :
Birendra Pani is a curious artist. His inquisitive mind has been exploring, from his earlier paintings to recent work, to develop a distinct vocabulary and style. In this evolution he has absorbed and worked through Orissan pata painting, the Shantiniketan and Baroda schools and the influences of modern and contemporary Indian painters. Pani’s present body of works mark a singular accomplishment both in the art and craft of painting as well as in incorporating ideas, issues, and concepts.
Birendra clarifies that the aim of his work is “not to define culture in some fixed way; rather, its goal is to suggest the changing attitudes towards indigenous cultural traditions, critiques of socio-political conditions and reconsiderations of values in the society for the formation of a traditional future in a post globalize world”. Birendra, not the one to rest on his laurels, is trying to find how to better the contemporary theme. He has introduced traditional and contemporary objects e.g. syringe, capsule, blade etc. in art. His serigraphs titled “love in a capsule” and “emotion in a capsule” is a satiric expression of the sensibilities of the modern age.
How does he explain the depiction of a “blade” in his works? Birendra patiently enlightens that “blade is the conceptual, psychological and contextual space. The double edge metaphorically symbolizes the present lack of recognition of Orissa” due to various reasons. It would not be wrong to say that even though he does not live in Orissa, the state lives in him.
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