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Seasons greetings to all! As we close into the end of the year 2018; yes didn’t it just zip by. The coming months are full of festivities; the upcoming Indian Diwali, Thanksgiving or Christmas in December. It’s time to prep up our homes to welcome friends and family. Churn and upgrade our art inventory; add those artist’s works we always desired. Now, more than any other time is the best time to add those masters or that young contemporary to your collection to keep that art mojo going this year!

Fine Arts

Exhibition / Events


An online exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures by Old Bengal and Master Artists from Bengal.

Jamini Roy, Indra Dugar, Somenath Hore, Sunil Das, Suhas Roy, Prakash Karmakar, Bijon Choudhury, Jogen Choudhury, Dipak Banerjee and Niranjan Pradhan.

Dress your homes with the Best of Bengal.

Nov 10-20th, 2018 

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  • Right-Painting by Sunil Das


Sculptures Installations & New Media Works

Bronze is the oldest and still the most popular metals for cast metal sculptures.

Meet our master artists who have an impeccable command over the same creating much likable and sought after pieces , staying true to expressions of religion, politics or their daily lives of their space and time.

Image Right, Illusion by Shuvaprasanna, Bronze


H: 19  Inches X W: 16 Inches X D: 13 Inches
H :  48.26 cm X  W: 40.64  cm X   D: 33.02 cm


Architecture Interior & Designs

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