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From the early Renaissance, Mannerism and the Baroque through 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century painting Figurative art has steadily broadened its parameters. An important landmark in the evolution of figurative art is the first known reclining nude in Western painting in Sleeping Venus (1510) by Giorgione.It introduced the female nude as subject and started a long line of famous paintings.


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New in The Gallery

Black & Whites by Dilip Chowdhury

This Exceptional Work by Dilip Chaudhury mesmerizes and brings about the romance of the Kolkata Monsoons. People huddled under their umberellas as they go about their daily chores.

Charcoal on Paper by Paritosh Sen

This 1988 Charcoal on Paper spells the expertise of the master artist as a portraiture artist.

Bandwala by Ashok Mullick

Bengal's Ashok Mullick has been painting since last four decades. Preoccupied with depicting the Women with a strong Bengal essence

Magma Series by Paris Based Artist Madhu Basu

His paintings depict the theme of the pot- which according to a Bengali proverb “contains the universe”- in compositions that lie on the border between abstraction & figuration.

Biwi by Lalu Prasad Shaw

Influenced by the pre-independence Company School of art, the traditional Kalighat Pat and the Ajanta cave paintings, Shaw’s works, mainly executed in gouache or tempera, like his own person, are simple and graceful, having a very still, well-composed and smooth exterior.

Tapash Ghoshal

Tapas's Works are steeped in Mysticism & Mythology . Having Studied from the famed Benaras Hindu University, Ghoshal was greatly influenced by the different faces and landscapes he encountered in the Holy City.

Know your Artist

Prabhakar Kolte

Kolte freely acknowledges his early debt to Klee, where in earlier days people used to call him Indian Paul Klee. He was then busy searching for himself. In the early 80s, his work took a new direction as Kolte began experimenting with installation and performative art pieces. In one piece, he covered a car with newspaper; in another, he painted a volunteer black and titled him "A Man Without Shadow". Such off-the-canvas experiments allowed him a free space to play with abstract ideas of color and form outside Klee`s influence.

On returning to the canvas,his forms began to function as pure colour in space. His works began looking more glossier, more finished to his early themes in paintings. The strong ground colour remained, but this time the forms retained a crispness in line and colour thus the finished work looking more finished & more abstracted fields of colour.
Prabhakar Kolte
Paintings , Installations & Mixed Media Works

Untitled 19 x 25 inches Mixed Media on Paper

A very interesting work by the Master Artist, the ground of brown & grey are accentuated by the Yellow Ochre , black and white bringing about a strong form and gloss to the work.

Untitled 39 x 20 Acrylic on canvas

Koltes expertise to bring our the form by having the ground and forground in colors that brought about a crispness of line & form

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