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The Holiday Weekend Sale 28-11-2020 until 01-12-2020

Marked for the refined handling of line work and palette, his painterly compositions, reflect influences of folk art and Bengal School. The renderings are poetic and the narratives mythical, folklore-inspired or religious. His curvaceous and languid figures, often accompanied by a surrounding halo, are set amidst a natural habitat. The imagery features Buddha, Krishna, other legendry icons as well as pretty damsels and lotus flowers.

Bratin Khan | Tempera on Canvas | 84  x 36 inches

Price on Request 

Her work has dealt with women’s issues in a confrontational, yet subtle manner. While the female figure forms a central part of her work, it is more the inner consciousness of these women that the artist draws on, using bold yet soft colours and smooth brushwork. There is a mystery about each of her female protagonists – about the want of something more than what meets the eye. In her recent works, the female body becomes a site or vehicle, backing the viewer, but tattooed with icons and images that voice both fulfilment and desire.

Shipra Bhattacharya | 36 x 36 inches | Oil & Acrylic on Canvas |  Special Price 350000/- 

In Hindu philosophy, the ‘Antahkaran’ refers to the totality of two levels of mind , namely the buddhi, the intellect or higher mind, and the manas, the middle levels of mind which exist as or include the mental body. It refers to the entire psychological process, including mind and emotions.

Tapas Ghoshal | Acrylic on Canvas  |  28  x 28 inches Price 45000

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