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  • T. M. Aziz
    B : 1962 Trichur, Kerala. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS : 1991 Master of Fine Arts (Painting), Jamia Milia Islamia College of Art, New Delhi. 1987 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), College of Fine Arts, Trivandurum, Kerala SOLO EXHIBITIONS : 1999 Nehru Art Centre, Mumbai. 1998, 97, 94 Crimson Gallery, Bangalore. 1993 Alliance de Françoise, Pondicherry. 1989 Chitra Kala Parishat, Bangalore. 1986 Fine Arts College Gallery, Trivandrum GROUP EXHIBITIONS : 2010 '10 x 10', Gallery Threshold, New Delhi 2010 1 x 1 Art Gallery, Dubai 2010 'Next...', Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong 2009 'Vicissitudes of the Constructed Image', Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore 2009 'Beyond the Form', Bajaj Capital Art House; Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2009 'Mining Minds', Chaitanya Art Gallery, Kochi 2009 'Entity', in association with Asian Academy of Film & Television at M.E.C. Art Gallery, New Delhi. 2008 'Beyond Boundries', presented by Arushi Arts, New Delhi and Visual Art, London at The Gallery in Cork Street, London. 2007 'Reading Paint', Gallery Soulflower, Hong Kong 2007 'Journey 2 - A Charity Art Show for Passages', Gallery Art and Soul, Mumbai 2006 'Drawing Show an Act of Art II', Priyasri Art Gallery, Mumbai 2005 'Now', Arushi Arts, New Delhi 2004 'Chapter One', Galerie Sara Arakkal, Bangalore 2004 'Journeys', Anant Gallery, New Delhi 2003 'Walls of Memories', Visthar, Bangalore 2003 Inaugural Show, Galerie Sara Arakkal, Bangalore 2002 'The Dance of the Indian Brush', Contemporary Art from India at Leboye Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta 2002 'Lakshanas Art Mela', Lakshana Art Gallery, Bangalore 2001 'Small format Show', Chola Sheraton, Chennai 2000 ‘The Eternal Embrace’, a Tribute To Universal Motherhood, Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Hotel, Dubai 2000 Windsor Manor, Bangalore 1999 ‘A Salute to Our Jawans’, Art For The Grieving organized by Renaissance Gallerie in association with West Minister Art Gallery at Windsor Manor, Bangalore 1998 ‘Confluence’, Trends in Indian Contemporary Art, brought by Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore to Art Connoisseur Gallery, London and Gallery Asiana, New York 1998 ‘Masters For a Child’, at Jemeira Beach Resort, Dubai 1998 ‘Celebrating Mangroves’, Anjengo, Trivandrum 1997 ‘Celebrations 97’, Nafa Art Gallery, Kathmandu 1997 Children’s Art Foundation, India 1997 ‘Art for Ashraya’, Exhibition of Paintings at Chitra Kala Parishath, Bangalore 1997 Tribute to Mother Theresa, Presented by Gallery Sumukha at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore 1997 ‘Human Form and Art’, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai 1997 ‘Artists Stamps’, Independent India, Sahmat celebrations 50 years of Indian Independence, India 1997 ‘An Ode to Independence’, An Exhibition of Original Paintings on Post Cards to Celebrate 50 years of Indian Independence at London Art Gallery, London AWARDS/HONOURS : 1993 12th All India Exhibition of Art, Bangalore 1992 Regional Art Exhibition, Chennai 1989 25th State Exhibition of Art, Kerala Lalit Kala Academy, Kerala PARTICIPATIONS : 2009 - IInd Part', Sans Tache Gallery, Mumbai 2008 'Harvest 2008', organized by Arushi Arts at The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi 2007 'Kashi 10 Light Years', Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi 2005 ‘10th Harmony Show’, World Trade Centre, Mumbai 2005 Arad Biennale, Romania 2002 '7th Harmony Show', Nehru Centre, Mumbai 2001 10th Triennale-India, New Delhi 2000, 99, 98 ‘Harmony Show', Nehru Centre, Mumbai 1992 14th All India Exhibition of Art, Bangalore 1992 Regional Art Exhibition, Chennai 1989 19th Kerala State Exhibition of Art, Kerala 1989 12th All India Exhibition of Art, Bangalore 1987 17th Kerala State Exhibition of Art, Trichur Style : T.M. Azis is known to create human figures interacting with the other elements in a painting. Figures or objects performing as symbols spinning around allegories as conceived by the artist. He creates paintings, which record what might be ordinary, everyday occurrences, contemplated by him. A certain insight into behavioral thought, we realize that there is a world different from what see – the world that exists in our minds. It is interesting to note that there are no decisive tactics, no fixed strategies in his work. Azis allows himself to be influenced by places around him and situations that he encounters. Simple objects and people in their vicinities rejoice in their existence by being involved in what is around. The paintings do not project a grand decor, and even with its simplicity there is a certain magic and lightness about it. The different conversations performed by figures with the ‘designs’ lines or concentric circles in the paintings pleasantly create subtle movements on the surface reciting a visual rhythm to the viewer. The paintings are constructed using bright colors sometimes and sometimes not so contrasting colors, which plainly have strong individual personas expressing a subtle theater of visual form.

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