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  • Subrata Paul
    About :
    Subrata Paul ( b 1972) is one of the empanelled sculptors of Abundant Art Gallery. Subrata Paul’s favoured materials are bronze embellished with wood. His signature fusion of the two different materials with his stitching style lends an unique texture to his sculptures. Our collection, includes some of his remarkable creations including “Fish”, “Goat” and “Bull”.Paul’s ‘Fish’ represents contrasting characteristics. The Buddha like drooping eyes of the ‘Fish’ is contrasted paradoxically against the frenzied fins, reminding us of Medusa’s dishevelled hair. Calmness and restlessness in one form, the ‘Fish’ resembles the life force.It is a metaphor for the inner human strength to swim against the tide of adversities. His ‘The King’ represents an imperial image. The statute is looking towards heaven, as if seeking some inspiration to perform his royal duties. His crown is like a crown of thorns. It is not a pleasant task but it has to be performed. His attire declares he has to modify his own life into the straightjacket of his royal duties. Another creation of his, ‘Bull’ recalls the interpretation of a bison of the Altamira cave paintings. Paul’s ‘Meditation’ series defines peace in different perspectives through various aspects of Buddha figures. Inspired by sculptors such as Sunil Kumar Das, Niranjan Pradhan and Debi Prasad Roy Choudhury , Paul always tries to express a modern concept maintaining sculptural qualities and values.
    Education :
    Diploma in Visual Arts in sculpture from Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 1998
    Events :
    Subrata's work has been acquired by the following art galleries and institutions
    1. Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, 2. Ministry Of Defence kolkata. 3. Hotel Lalit, New Delhi, 4. PHD chamber of Commerce, New Delhi 5. Many private collections in India, Dubai, Texas, Belgium, San Francisco, Denmark and Bangladesh
    Exhibitions :
    1. "Beyond Boundaries II" at ArtMoorHouse, London 2019 2. " sculptures for every home " by Gallery- Arts for All, New Delhi, 2019 3. " Art Alive annual" at Lalit Kala academy, New Delhi, 2018 4. Bombay Art Society Annual" at Jehangir Art Gallery, 2018 5. " Annual show of Art concern " Hotel Taj, Mumbai, 2018 6. " Nirvana annual " at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2017 7. "International show at the "French Embassy", New Delhi.2016 8. " Bengal Art Strokes" at Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2015 9. " Elegancy of Colour" at Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi, 2015 10. "45 Bronze " by Calcutta sculptors at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, 2012 10. " 51 Contemporary Artist of India " curated by Suneet Chopra", at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, 2010 10. " Kolkata Montage" at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2009
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