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  • Subha Basu

    Born - 1982 at Kolkata. B.V.A from The Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship in 2006, M.F.A from R.B.U in 2008. Participate more than 40 Group Show in Kolkata, New Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore,Mumbai, New-york. Receive many award including  AIFACS award, State academy award, Camel Art Foundation award etc. Participate many Art Camp including Jodhpur Art Camp (org. by Bodhi Tree Monastery of Art),  AIFACS Camp at New Delhi, National Camp (org. by WZCC Govt. of India and Art & Culture Dept. Govt. of Goa) at Panji, Goa etc. Now I working as a freelance Artist staying at Kolkata.

    ABOUT :
    To him art is nothing but an application of realized truth. He think an Artist wants to frame his or her daily experience either consciously or subconsciously. In this way an Art object becomes a cultural document of time.

    Generally he wants to frame my daily experiences in his work. Objective depication gives a subjective expression in his work. consciously or subconsciously the subject of his work have been collected from my surroundings. The figures of his painting are partly moulded in three dimensional form (through in most cases they are neither painted in their local colours nor is the execution method of this three dimensionality academic western style dependent), Using the ‘mode of relief ‘ style of painting. Every time he begin on painted flat surface. When he draw on that painted flat surface he used to play with them. His images go through many transformations till they got their final shape. For the sake of composition he have stretched his creative liberty to extent of arranging figures even up site down. Generally he used some bright colour on a mat surface. Which represents bright and darkness of our life.

    He think my images are representative of an entire class of society where he belong.

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