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  • Sekhar Baran Karmakar
    Born :1974 in West Bengal.
    Education :
    2005 - M.F.A 1st Class from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan. 2003 - B.F.A 1st Class from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan.
    Solo Shows :
    2008 - Solo Exhibition (April, 2008) at Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata.
    Group Shows :
    2008 - Measured cadences Group Exhibition, Organized By Artists Circle, Kolkata at Lokayata Hall, Mulk Raj Anand Centre, New Delhi. 2007 - Dynamic Stillness-Curated by Mrinal Ghosh an Group Exhibation of Painting, by 15 young artists organized by Gallery Kanishka, Kolkata. 2007 - Young Contemporaries 2007 curated by Jogen Chowdhury, Organised by Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata. 2007 - Group Show-Small is beautiful –II, Organised by Masters Collection in Kolkata. 2007 - Shades on a Surface Gallery Art and Soul (Mumbai) collaboration with Mon Art Gallery, (Kolkata), at Mumbai. 2007 - Spectrum Art presents Kaliedoscope at the ITC Sonar Bangla. 2006 - Framed Space Boundless Limit (II) at Gandhar Art Gallery in Kolkata. 2006 - Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition of 'Birla Academy of Fine Arts and Culture', Kolkata. 2005 - Artists for Peace in Commemoration of the 6O1 Anniversary of Victory Over Fascism, group exhibition organized by "Cultural Department of the Russian Federation Consulate General in Kolkata", Gorky Sadan. 2004 - Group Show at 'Birla Academy of Fine Art and Culture', Kolkata. 2004 - Annual Exhibition organized by 'West Bengal Govf at Kolkata Information Centre. 2003 - Annual All India Exhibition organized by "Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata".
    Award & Honour :
    2006 - Artist of the Season Award of the Kolkata Art Foundation 2003. 1998-2004 - Received University Scholarship in order of merit.
    Style :His work relates to an exploration of the inner word of youth. He sees this as a world of "dreams and nightmares, of love and longing, of hopes and despair, of intense pleasure and insufferable pain.” The world he uncovers is highly personal and ephemeral. At the same time he connects the protagonists' experience with universal themes and the eternal facets of human nature. He chooses watercolours as his medium, which for him conveys fluidity and resilience inherent in the inner world of youth. He also uses symbols extensively in his work which are largely drawn from the contemporary urban world allowing the viewer to experience the familiar and easy to relate. The ephemeral world of dreams melds with the familiar material world connecting through the liquid contours of colour.

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