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  • Mohan L. Mazumder
    Born : 19th July, 1970.
    Education : Completed Bachelor of Visual Arts from G.C.A.College, Calcutta 1994. Also Completed Diploma in ‘Photography’ from ‘Chitrabani’ in the year of 1994.
    Style :
    Mohan has been photographing passionately,rather extensively since 1990 . Travelling to remote places of India’s various locations to shoot the essence of India in locations like Sikkim, Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Rajesthan, South India. Autumn is the primarily motivating factor in Mohan’s works and he feels that people are a part of this system. Here we show mohan’s works shot during his trip to Meghalaya, Bengal & Orissa. Mohan’s shots primarily in Black and White.
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