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  • Kapil Anant
    Kapil Anant was born in 1998.
    Completed B.F.A from College Of Arts Delhi India
    Previous Attend Group Exhibition :
    Previous Gallery's. 2017 - Aifacs Art Gallery(Delhi), Minarva Art Gallery ( Dehradun), Tansen Art Gallery Rang of Vision (Gwalior), Znnual Art Gallery (Punjab ), Jawahar Kala Kendra (Jaipur), Shree Ganesh Art 20 Gallery 2018-(mountabu),Gandhi Art Gallery (Delhi),Hudko Art Gallery (Delhi) 2021- Champatree Art Gallery (Delhi) Kalakriti Art Gallery (Haydrabad), Morden contemporary Gallery Kolkata, Chandigarh Art Gallery, thaformart (Delhi) 2022 - Tao Art Gallery (Mumbai), Story in art Gallery Kolkata, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Jaipur Kala mahotsav , Geoline Art Gallery (kolkata) 2023 - India Art Fair 2023 , Showcasing Melange Kalakriti Art Gallery , Art Mania (Ajmer) , Tha Spectrum Zeoline Art Gallery (Kolkata), 105 Art Gallery (Chandigarh)
    I describe rural people Indian tradition in my artworks. And struggle of Indian people how they hardwork and struggling in their life and by making this is my soul gets proudness. Those who work hard to earn their living also portraying how difficult it is to survive in rural India however, each parson is trying hard to succeed in life so that India can shine and hardwork is the key of success.
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