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  • Jiban Biswas
    The Mud colour are changing its shade,The shedes are transforming to shadow, The shadows are stands with the  sorrow,It is illusion? Yes but with strong impression. My people, village, Childhood, River, Values, us all are misinterpraded with for only cost "Development" a daisy word indeed. I took the the art, I picked up the brush, to ask myself to complain face my confusion.
    The cosmopoliton daily life offering me the confusion and the consumerism has been form of human friend. extended version of people like me and my origin. My composition reflects these, The magician in from of society , with its grandure, as an andience I can watch the regeneration, the acceptance towards conversion in term of originality, a continuous applied technology to bow down our head, creating compulsive ground a change crafted fear.
    As an icon I have used animal to representation  to  instinct , as individual perplexity, some of the composition are narrative as an obvious after shock of individual serenity with crafted luxury, an open secreat of planned metamorphosis, phychological journey towards end ora a new beginning.
    As a child I grew up in the midst of nature and animals. In my paintings, I try to project myself as I am. I feel that the cow, with its continuous effort to understand the trends of modernity with an un-matched curiosity and bewilderment, can be best described as the emblem of my own self. This  Painting, specially   nostalgia 2 , depect  that people quality time with old traditional things.
    Born : 1982
    Qualification : Passed BVA from Govt. College Of Art Craft in Kolkata
    Upcoming Shows
    2020 Solo show at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata 2020 Solo show at Kala srot Art Gallery, Lucknow
    Solo Exhibition :
    2016 solo Exhibition at Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata 2012 Solo Exhibition at Tribeni Art Gallery, New delhi 2010 Solo Exhibition atTribeni Art Gallery, New delhi 2009 Solo Exhibition at Tribeni Art Gallery, New delhi 2008 Solo Exhibition at Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata
    Participation of Exhibition :
    2019 Saman vai Art Gallery, Rajasthan 2019 Nirvana Annual Show at India Habitat Centre 2019 Group show at Lokayata Art Gallery, new delhi 2017 Art Spread Gallery present a group show at Hotel Lila palace, Mumbai 2017 Art Mart International, Khajuraho 2016 ITC Sonar Bangla present a group show at ITC Art gallery. Kolkata 2016 “Freedom” Gallery La Mear present a group show. Kolkata 2016 NIRVANA present an exhibition at Visual Art Gallery, Habitat Centre New Delhi 2016 Gallery Kolkata present a group show. Kolkata 2016 Art Fiesta Gallery present a group show. Dubai 2016 Group show at Lalit kala Akademi. New Delhi 2015 NIRVANA present an exhibition at Open Palm Court Gallery. New Delhi 2015 Colours land presents A group show at Gorkhi Sadan 2015 Group show at Lalit kala academy 2015 Group show at ICCR gallery Kolkata 2014 Samanvai art gallery present a group show at IFAX gallery at New Delhi 2014 Group show at Academy of fine arts kolkata 2013 VANDERVIN ART & NIRVANA  presents an exhibition at Capital Club. Dubai. 2012 Shrejan presents an exhibition at Birla Academy. Kolkata 2012 Group show, Line & Curves at Lalit Kala Academy. New Delhi. 2011 Group show at Chitramaya stat gallery, Hyderabad 2011 Bodhi Tree present a group Exhibition at Bengal Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata 2011 NIRVANA presents an exhibition at Palm Court Open Gallery. New Delhi 2011 NIRVANA presents an exhibition at Visual Art Gallery. New Delhi. 2011 HORIZON presents an exhibition at G.C.LAHA Fine Art Gallery Kolkata 2010 Art Desire present a group Exhibition at Habited Centre in Delhi 2010 Paintbrush & Chisel Gallery present a group Exhibition, Delhi 2010 Perpective present a group show at Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore 2010 Time & space and Nirvana’s Bangle Art Fair, Bangalore. 2010 Group show at Birla Academy, kolkata 2010 NIRVANA Art Gallery present an Exhibition, Dubai 2009 Apparao Art Gallery presented a group show in Chennai 2009 2009 Barland Art Gallery presented a group show in London 2009. 2009 NIRVANA presents an exhibition at Palmp Court Open Gallery. New Delli 2009 BEL-ETAGE & NIRVANA gallery present an exhibition in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam Holland. 2008 YOUNG MASTERS presented by Art Chamber, Goa SOFT TOUCH at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath,Bangalore MONSOON HUE at Birla Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata PERSPECTIVE present at Academy of Fine Arts. Kolkata HORIZON present at Academy of Fine Arts. Kolkata 2008 FIST STEP, Kala Gram present at The Experimental Art Gallery in Habatet Centre, New Delhi 2008 NIRVANA Art Gallery present an Exhibition, New Delhi 2008 PERSPECTIVE present at Academy of Fine Arts.Kolkata 2007 Presented by RAJUL GUPTA at Chemold Art Gallery,Kolkata 2007 BIRLA ACADEMY annual Exhibition, Kolkata 2007 YAPAN CHITRA present an Exhibition, Mumbai 2007 HORIZON present at Chemold Art Gallery.Kolkata 2007 EYE WITHIN present an Exhibition at Taj Bengal 2007 MEMORY LINE,Bani Art Gallery presents an Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts. Kolkata 2007 HORIZON present at Academy of Fine Arts. Presented by BANI ART GALLERY Kolkata. 2007 Gallery India Habitat center, New Delhi A group exhibition of paper collages & paintings at Chitrakoot Art gallery presented by Vandana Jalan Kolkata. 2007 A group exhibition at Chemould Art Gallery  presented by Mr. Rajul Gupta. Kolkata. 2006 Hotel TAJ. Presented by Mr.Ankur Ghutghutia.New Delhi. 2006 A group exhibition of painting at Academy of Fine Arts. Kolkata. 2006 A group exhibition of painting at Genesis Art Gallery,Kolkata 2005 India Habitat center ‘Palm Court Open Gallery.presented by Mr. Rajul Gupta. Kolkata 2005 Group Exhibition at Indraprastha Art Gallery in New Delhi 2005 Group Exhibition at Birla Academy in Kolkata 2003-2004 Participation in All India Camlin Art Exhibition in 2004 Participation in all India fine Art & Craft Society in Kolkata 2004 Participation at Biswa Bangla Sammelan at Kolkata Maidan 2003,2004 Annual Exhibition at Academy of fine Arts in 2001 Group Exhibition of Birla Academy in (Kolkata) 2002-2006 Annual Exhibition Govt. College Of Art Craft W.B
    Art Workshop
    2019 ABIT Workshop at Sciencecity ,Kolkata 2018 Jodhpur Art Camp 2017 Jagriti Art Camp at Darjeeling 2012 Bodhi Tree present a Art camp in Jodhpur, Rajasthan 2009 An Art workshop presented Shimul (NGO). 2008 Genesis Art gallery in Kolkata
    Best College Award 2005-06 Profulla award 2017 Prayas present first award at 2015
    Ravi Jain Memorial Scholarship 2003
    Personal Collection Mrs. Rekha Modi Genesis Art Gallery Kolkata. Personal Collection Mr. S. K. Khemka & Mr. Anurag Knemka France, Germany, England and Many Countries. Personal Collection Emami Group Of Companies. Personal Collection FORT GROUP,Kolkata
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