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  • Gurudas Shenoy

    Gurudas Shenoy is a well-known artist based in Bangalore, who has been practicing for more than two decades. He studied painting from the Faculty of Fine arts, M.S. University, Baroda in the year 1988. He has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group shows at leading art galleries in India, including several at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

    Over the years, drawings, paintings, installations and murals have been a part of Shenoy’s art practice. Several of his murals form prominent landmarks in various centers of the corporate world and his paintings and installations are located at corporate and private institutions and residences in India and abroad. A well-known personality, Shenoy has made significant contributions to the national and international art scene and the cultural ethos of Bangalore.

    Shenoy’s passion for nature and its brilliant hues, and cities with their vibrancy and multitude of stories, reflects in his paintings. His cityscapes portray subtle skylines and hints of structural features, translating memories of experiences and fragments and stories of existence. Dexterous use of colours, lines, light and textures, forms the crux of his stunning cityscapes capturing the dynamism of architectural spaces with their historicity. Of late, his cityscapes have organically veered towards abstraction, where the linear planes have softened and the play of light has intensified, delineating structures and spatial elements. In another significant shift, Shenoy is revisiting landscapes from the past, vast abstract terrains that distil the lay of the land, with their undulating surfaces and shadows on the ground. Nature, land and buildings as witness to time, and as silent unrelenting observers, fascinate Shenoy and are represented on his canvas. The visuals encapsulate these chronicles through a distinct vocabulary in his paintings.

    Nalini S Malaviya
    Art Critic

    “My work is a reflection of all that I am, all that nature is and all the wonder that exists in our universe.

    However, what I see is a mass of form and color, leaving only trace references of what it really is.

    Everything is abstract. Form is a myth.” – Gurudas Shenoy

    1965 : Born in Udupi, Karnataka.
    1988 : B.F.A. ( Painting ) from Faculty of Fine arts, M.S.University,Baroda.
    1990 to
    2006 : Appointed as Curator for Shri M.F.Husain’s Museum, Husain Sankalana
    2014 : Member of Karnataka Lalitakala Academy.

    2019 : Artisera Online show “Hues of Hampi”
    2019 : Galerie de’ Arts Bengaluru
    2018 : Sublime galleria, Bengaluru
    2002 : Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
    1997 : JehangirArtGallery, Mumbai.
    1995 : JehangirArtGallery, Mumbai.
    1993 : JehangirArtGallery, Mumbai.
    1989 : JehangirArtGallery, Mumbai.
    1997 : Gallery Sumukha, at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.
    1992 : Gallery Young Designs, Bangalore.
    1988 : Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.
    1980 : Shrungar Art Gallery, Udupi.

    2020 : ‘THE JOURNEY’ Art Houz Bengaluru 6th year anniversary show
    2020 : Group show by Art Houz On Art Fair 2020
    2020 : WITHIN REACH Gallerie NVYA New Delhi
    2020 : ‘Small is Beautiful’ An online group exhibition of small format artworks
    By 27 artists at KYNKYNY
    2020 : ‘Trial of Hope’ An online Exhibition of Indain Art by
    2020 : Kala for Vidya 2019 at Taj West End Bangalore. Also participated
    2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
    2020 : Oorja 2020 – Art Exhibition by well known Indian Artists at Taj Westend
    Bengaluru 2019, 2018
    2020 : Breath of art by Art Pilgrim Live at Nivasa Contemporary, Delhi
    2020 : India Art Festival 2019 Mumbai, represented by Artisera Bengaluru
    2020 : Representing Bangalore Landscape at Chitrakala Parishat Bengaluru
    2019 : The Road Less Travelled Group show by KYNKYNY at Bangalore International
    2019 : India Art Festival 2019 Mumbai, represented by Charvi Art gallery Bengaluru
    2019 : Group show at gallerie Nvya, New delhi
    2019 : Group show by Artpilgrim New Delhi
    2019 : Group show by Artisera at Narain Niwas Palace, Jaipur
    2019 : Group show Lexicon gallery, New Delhi
    2019 : Group show Art Pillgrim
    2019 : Inuagral show KYNKYNY 2.0 at Bangalore International centre
    2019 : Melange a Group show Celebrating diversity Through Art by Artisera at Art Café
    Sheraton grand space
    2018 : India Art Festival 2018 New Delhi, represented by The Lexicon art Gallery
    New Delhi and Charvi Art gallery Bengaluru
    2018 : ‘Art Bengaluru 2018’ at UB City Bengaluru
    2018 : Looking Beyond - By Artpilgrim at Visual Art Gallery
    India habitat Centre New Delhi
    2018 : The Manthan – The group show, by Lexicon Art at India
    habitat centre New Delhi
    2018 : India Art Festival Mumbai – Represented by The Lexicon Art Delhi.
    Charvi Art Gallery Bangalore & Studio 3 Mumbai
    2018 : Art Stage 2018, Singapore By Gnani Arts & easel Stories
    2017 : Group Show in Goa – Curated by PerinIlavia
    2017 : Affordable Art Fair 2017 Singapore by Easel Stories
    2017 : Perspectives of Karnataka modern art NGMA Bangalore
    - curated by Suresh Jayaram
    2017 : Parallax of Visual Memories at Reves Art Gallery
    - Curated by Nalini S Malaviya.
    2017 : PRISM of Nature – A Group show at Gallery time and space, Bangalore
    2017 : TERRA FIRMA - Group show by 4 artists at Visual art gallery
    Habitat Centre New Delhi.
    2017 : India art festival New Delhi – Represented by ,
    Lexicon Art New Delhi &Charvi Art gallery Bengaluru
    2017 : 14th Annual show with 48 Artists 2017 – Galerie Sara Arakkal
    Also 13th – 2016, 12th – 2015, 11th – 2014, 10th – 2013, 9th – 2012
    8th – 2011. 7th – 2010, 6th – 2009, 5th – 2008. 2007.2006
    2017 : Artistic Abodes - Artisera show at Bangalore & Hyderabad Chennai.
    2017 : Art for Peace - Redefining Images, Exhibition of Paintings &
    Sculpures Gallery – 9, Navrathan Antique Art, Bangalore
    2017 : Generations & Genres 5th 2017 at Karnataka chitrakala Parishat & also 2016
    2017 : Kaleidoscope An Art Exhibition in aid of Freedom through Education
    at Taj West End Bangalore
    2016 : The Modernists of Bangalore Group show at Art Houz Bengaluru
    2016 : The New collection Group show of Paintings, sculpture, and graphic
    prints at Time & Space art gallery Bangalore
    2016 : 50 Under 50, Group show at KYNKYNY Art Gallery
    2016 : Kala for Vidya 2016 at Taj West End Bangalore. Also participated
    2015, 2014, 2013
    2015 : An Drawing Exhibition of the recent projects ( 2014 – 15 ) sponsored by the
    K.K. Hebbar Art Foundation 1st – 10th October 2015 at Vismaya Gallery, Rangoli
    – Metro Art Center, Bengaluru
    2015 : Kynkyny group show
    2015 : The Uncommon canvas – Paintings of Senior Artists at “Vismaya gallery”
    Rangoli Metro Art center, M G Road, Bangalore
    2015 : Anahata 2015 Art show organized by Art Mantram & Navrathan’s Haveli in
    association with Time and space Gallery
    2014 : A Passage to India – Exhibition of Contemporary Indian art at Venkatappa
    Art gallery M G Road
    2014 : The Artist’s Version – The Art for Care Auction 7th june – By Vathsalya
    Charitable Trust
    2013 : Art for concern’s Annual show of Indian Art by concern India foundation
    Bangalore. Also 2012, 2011,2010,2009,2003
    2013 : Reflections of dreams and Memories – an Exhibition of paintings and drawings
    at Galerie Crescent, Bangalore
    2012 : Art for a cause – 2012, Exhibition of paintings of 40 Eminent artists of
    India curated by aFORHD ART & Also 2007, 2003
    2012 : ‘Two’- an exhibition of paintings in association with The Times Foundation
    a Times of india Group curated by Deepa Subramanian at Galerie De Arts
    2012 : Mercedes Benz and Art Mantram present “ Enchanting Oeuvres”
    A contemporary art show Bangalore
    2012 : A tribute to Hebbar – form Art Mantram Hebbar Art Festival supported
    by the Dept of Kannada & Culture Govt of Karnataka at Chitrakala parishath
    25th june – 27th june 2012
    2011 : Remembering Husain A special exhibition of paintings paying
    tribute to the legendary M F Husain organized by Kynkyny Art Gallery
    2011 : On the Verge of Light Art for Autism on the occasion of the united
    Nation’s world Autism Day, An Exhibition of paintings, Sculpure
    and New Media at Welcome Art Gallery ITC Windsor, Bangalore.
    2010 : Participated Art / Bangaluru Contemporary art festival, U B City
    Bangalore, represented by MAYA gallery of contemporary art
    2010 : Participated to the inaugural show of Kredo art gallery, Bangalore
    2010 : participated painting exhibition organized by Artmantram Bangalore &
    Neharu centre, London Festival of Art at Nehru Centre, 8Audley Street,
    2010 : mystique Exhibition of the latest works of prominent artists
    from Karnataka and west Bengal. In association with
    State Bank of India and Maya art gallery
    2009 : Impressions Past – present Inter – state painting exhibition
    by Artists of karnataka in association with Karnataka and kerala
    lalit kala akademi at Durbar hall art center Ernakulam.
    2009 : Passion ( an exhibition of contemporary art ) at maya
    art gallery Bangalore
    2009 : Art exhibition for flood relief fund, organized by samyojitha
    at venkatappa art gallery Bangalore
    2008 : Art for Education Exhibition organized by Round Table india & Time and
    space Art Gallery
    2008 : RANG Exhibition of paintings curated by Kynkyny Art Gallery
    in support of Karunashraya& Ashwini trust
    2008 : Furniture on canvas Exhibition of paintings 40 contemporary
    artist of Karnataka at Featherlite collections, Bangalore.
    Cutared by Giridhar Khasnis & Ravi Cavale
    2007 : Two artist show at ‘Taj Samudra’ Colombo, srilanka.
    2007 : Participated, An exhibition of Indian Contemporary Art in the
    city of Pondicherry, at the Ashoka.
    2006 : Participated group show at La Route des Indes, 7 rue Argenteuil – Paris
    75001 & also Lal Qila, 88 Av Emile Zola – 75015 paris
    2005 : 2 man show “The spirit of nature” at welcomArt Gallery ITC Windsor
    2004 : ‘Ganesha – Universal Energy’ a group show of paitings& sculpture at
    Leela galleria, Leela palace & at Time & space Art gallery.
    2004 : “Art for Education” A show of paitings and sculpture at Time & Apace art
    gallery. An event conceived to further our Dream to educate 1 million
    2003 : “The Sacred & Secular” a group show by well-known Indian artist
    at ‘time & space art gallery, Bangalore.
    2003 : Group show at Gallery Tangent Mumbai.
    2002 : ‘Colour of the Water’ A Water colour exhibition of 21 well known artists of
    Karnataka at Lakshana art gallery, Bangalore.
    2002 : The opening show of gallery ‘Fluid space’, at The Oberoi, Bangalore.
    2001 : Interstate exchange exhibition of art at Goa jointly organized by Karnataka
    Lalit Kala Academy, kalaAcademyGoa &LalitkalaAcademy,New Delhi.
    2001 : Exhibition of paintings by Contemporary Artists of Karnataka organized by
    Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy in collaboration with Mysore association
    Mumbai in Mumbai.
    2001 : ITC sponsored exhibition at SrishtiArtGallery at Chola Sheraton, Chennai.
    2001 : ITC sponsored exhibition at Westminister Gallery at ITC Hotel Windsor
    Sheraton & Towers Bangalore.
    2001 : “SOLIDARITY” Works of young artists from India. At Renaissance
    2001 : A group exhibition of renowned artists of India for the cause of animals
    2001 : ‘Contempoaray Indian Art’, group Exhibition at Gallerie Zen, Bangalore.
    2001 : Art Exhibition organaised by The Times of India group in aid of the Gujarat
    quake victims.
    2000 : Exhibition of art from Southern india 50 Leading contemporary artists
    painting at The Tillany Fine Arts Museum and Gallery.
    2000 : Group show at the chancery Bangalore.
    1999 : “Spastic Society” fund raising Art Exhibition at Windsor manor Bangalore.
    1999 : “VISTA” Organisation of Painters & Sculptors. 5th Annual Exhibition at
    Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai.
    1999 : The Bombay Art Society fund raising Art Exhibition for‘Art complex’.
    1999 : Karnataka for Kargil – Art Exhibition Organaised by Prasidha Foundation in
    association with the Karnataka chitrakala parishath Bangalore.
    1998 : Fund raising Exhibition “Multiple Sclerosis Society of India ( MSSI ) Mumbai.
    1997 : Celebrations ’97 NAFA Art Gallery,Kathmandu, organised by Gallery Sumukha,
    Bangalore and Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu.
    1997 : Exhibition organised by Alliance Francaise de Calcutta at Academy of Fine Arts,
    1997 : Glimpses of contemporary art in Karnataka at ‘Images Art Gallery’Bangalore.
    1997 : ‘Kalanjali’ an exposition of contemporary Indian Art in aid of the Karnataka
    Police Benevolent Fund at Chitrakalaparishath, Bangalore.
    1997 : Exhibition of Paintings by SKAC, at Valley View International Art Gallery,
    1997 : Regional Art Exhibition organised by lalitkalaAcademy Regional Centre,
    1997 : ’50 years of art Independent India’ Organised by All India Fine Arts and Crafts
    Society New Delhi and Karnataka Lalitkala Academy Bangalore, at Bangalore.
    1996 : Healing Hues – Exhibition of paintings by Indian painters organised by
    children’s art Foundation at Hotel Oberoi, Bangalore.
    1996 : Group show sponsored by Gallery Sumukha at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.
    1996 : Participated as Invited Artist, Bombay Art society annual exhibition at Jehangir
    Art Gallery, Mumbai.
    1996 : ‘Art Critic Nadkarni Benefit Show’,atJehangirArtGallery, Mumbai.
    1996 : Monsoon Art Show organised by Chauhan prathistan, Mumbai.
    1996 : Art for Sakhimandal at Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore.
    1996 : Group show by South canara Artists at Shrungar Art gallery Udupi organised
    by SKAC.
    1995 : ‘Art for Hope’ at Windsor Manor Sheraton, Bangalore.
    1995 : All India Fine Art Exhibition at Chitra kala parishath, Bangalore.
    1994 : Eminent Karnataka Artist Exhibition at Chitra kala parishat, Bangalore.
    1993 : Exhibition sponsored by Indian Institute of astro physics on the occasion of
    International Conference on NAPP, Bangalore.
    1994 : ‘Affordable Art’ group show at Artist Centre, Bombay.
    1992 : canvas Corridors, Bangalore.
    1990 : Karnataka State Art Exhibition in Goa.
    1989 : National Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi.
    2002 : Karnataka Lalit kala Academy Annual Exhibition.
    1988 : ‘Prints 88 All India Exhibition of prints at Jammu and Chandigarh.
    2002 : Bombay Art Society Annual Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai.
    96,95, 88 ,87

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