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  • Dinkar Jadhav
    ‘Anguish to Ecstasy’ – My journey as a painter !
    It is said that the energy is constant and it only changes its form over the time. If I am allowed to express my journey as a painter I will use this example to explain, how over the years my paintings have changed the shape and yet its inner energy has remained constant. Every true artist is filled with this insatiable and indestructible energy of creativity that makes him strive for the yet undiscovered frontiers of creation and it is the most alluring challenge for him; to which, me too is no exception. In this process I have experienced the artist’s ANGUISH to express his feelings on the canvas and then his ECSTASY when it has taken tangible form through the colors of imagination.
    LUST for LOVE !
    Painter Dinkar Jadhav has established himself as an artist who dares to walk on path less trodden. His journey to these romantic yet challenging places of creative excellence began with the ASHWA CHITRAMALA (the horse series!) few years back, which met with success and admiration equally! Having invested corpus invaluable hours, He has Resurrected his swift horses Flaming with Novelty an a companied and new form of muscularity, the Bull. There was sheer anguish and fierce passion in his earlier horse paintings which exploded through the colors and fearless strokes on the canvas.
    This anguish had given way to love now and the passion has transformed into the lust, full of love! His new series of ever advancing, carefree creatures of speed which are crossing over the boundaries of unknown future keeping their faith in love is true to its name, ‘LUST FOR LOVE!’ Jadhav has painted these horse couples engrossed in passionate love with a heart of an evergreen romantic. The colors are bright and gleaming with self-assurance, the brush strokes are gentle yet confident and echoing the spirit of ‘carpe diem’ i.e. seize the day! His horses symbolize the undaunted quest of human being for the greatest of the feelings called love. Jadhav has also introduced the bull, the symbol of muscularity and virility in his portfolio this time. These bulls are mighty, confident and making charges towards their dreams and desires. This series is the depiction of his heart of the heart and the example of his honest enduring journey towards the excellence.
    AWARDS :
    2016 - Prafulla art foundation kalanand conteset – Place 1st award, Pune region 2009 - The Bombay Art Society 2009 - Art Society of India 2009 - V.V. Oak Award Pune 1995 - State Art Award For Portrait Painting 1991, 92,93,94 - Best Landscape Annual Awards 1990 - 1st. Annual Award for Sketching
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