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  • Chandrima Bhattacharyya
    Chandrima Bhattacharyya was born in 1963 in Kolkata. She completed her Bachelor's and Master's degree from Kala Bhavana Viva Bharti University Santiniketan. Bhattacharya initially worked in ink and gradually moved from black and white to colored ink and then to watercolors on paper to acrylic on canvas. The artist weaves her innermost passions and aspirations fears and sorrows, through sensuous lines and textures and surfaces into complicated compositions. Bhattacharya is inspired from the Persian and Mughal miniature paintings and her personal dreams that are mostly nightmares. Chandrima’s works are narrative but not obviously so; the structure is abstract, the elements appear as though randomly put together; actually they are structured like dreams or even life itself, one thing following the other in no expected or planned pattern, like incidents in life. The present body of her works is woven around the concept of a middle-aged woman about to be toppled from the prime of her life.
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