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  • Ashit Sarkar
    Born : Durgapur in 1962.
    Education Qualification :
    1988 - Graduated from the Government College of Arts and crafts, Kolkata.
    Solo Shows :
    Asit Sarkar has had many group and solo shows and been vastly appreciated for his aesthetic, soft, sensuous treatment of women, Radhas & Krishnas. He is known for his versatility in various mediums and subjects. His handling of abstracts and semi-abstracts is dexterous.
    Style :
    Women have a special place in his works, they are sensitive beings with a soul who reach out to the viewer in terms of appeal and touch his hearts strings. They spread a feeling of love and happiness and uplift even the darkest of moods.
    The artist dares to dream differently. His artistic brushwork executes both the rhythm & lyric of sound and the emotions and colours of Rajasthani miniature paintings. Myth becomes reality, & individual the universe. This is the artist's concepts; a painting a delight for the eyes, food for thought & a door open to imagination.
    His use of colour and textures transform the ordinary to extraordinary. Curiosity feeds hi soul and it is an inexhaustible fuel for him. Painting is the ultimate certainty for him and the reason of greatest joys. The observer is attracted effortlessly to his works and they speak their own language that is decipherable to those who care to read art. He deals with his art works subconsciously and is an expression of his therapeutic healing and spiritual articulation.
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