Amit Kalla Vipasyana Series Mixed Media on Paper 24×24 inches 2020

Amit Kalla

Vipasyana Series, Abstract, Mixed Media on Paper, by Contemporary Indian Artist “In Stock”


MediumMixed Media
DimensionW: 24 Inches X H: 24 Inches X D: 1 Inches
W: 60.96 cm X H: 60.96 cm X D: 2.54 cm
StyleAbstract paintings
MovementContemporary Indian Art
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In stock

About the Artist and his work :
Born : Amit Kalla was born 7 February 1980 in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
He is a young visual artist and a refined Hindi poet. Kalla is presently researching Bhakti Literature and the artistic notions of Rajasthan & widely observing children response on art mediums, while working as a freelance artist and writer.

Education :
2005 : Masters in Arts & Aesthetics, J.N.U., New Delhi.
2003 : Graduation in Art History, N.M.I., New Delhi.

Solo Exhibitions :
2008 – Canvas Art Gallery, New Delhi
2008 – Sudarshan Art Gallery, Bikaner
2007 – Nehru center, Mumbai.
2007 – J.K.K, Jaipur.
2006 – Art Academy, Bangalore.
2006 – Qutub Institute, New Delhi.
2006 – Rimari Art gallery, New Delhi.
2005 – SAA Art gallery, J.N.U, New Delhi.
2005 – TERI,IHC, New Delhi.

Group Exhibitions :
2008 – chahal art gallery,jaipur
2008 – Aspiration– Studio Vasant ,New Delhi.
2008 – Russian Center, New Delhi.
2007 – Athens Art gallery, Greece.
2007 – Ananya III, N.I.T – Art gallery, Nagpur.
2007 – Seven strokes, Academy of fine arts & literature, New Delhi.
2006 – Different lines, drawing show, LALIT KALA academy, New Delhi.
2006 – All India artist exhibition, Allahabad.
2006 – Studio Vasant, New Delhi.
2006 – Mocha, Art & Soul, New Delhi.
2006 – All India artist exhibition, Amritsar.
2004 – Heart & Soul gallery, New Delhi.
2004 – Kala Mela, J.K.K, Jaipur.
2003 – Fusion 22-Abhinav Art gallery, Jammu.
2003 – Ankan- J.K.K, Jaipur.

Workshops :
Art therapy workshop, NMI, New Delhi;
Prakruti Mela workshops in different villages of Bhilwara,Udaipur and Pratapgarh Districts;
Attended a workshop on Natural Colors, organized by artist Siddhartha;
State Level Drama and Theater in Education Workshop, Azim Premji Institute, Jaipur;
Six Days follow up workshop of Drama and Theater in Education Workshop, Azim Premji Institute, Jaipur.

Awards and Recognitions :
2007- Maru Parampara Puraskar;
2011- Prakriti Samman, Jamshedpur;
2013- Srajan Samman, International Art & Poetry festival, Dubai.

Style :
In his works there is an attempt to create a world through text where indices of silence speak; undiluted, compressed vibrations are realized. His work gives a feeling of being left unfinished and yet it does not seem incomplete. It is not possible to look at it in terms of a beginning leading to an end. The strength of Kalla’s work is that it represents an Indian artist’s quest for an indigenous tenor rather than a superficial inventory of native motifs, there is nothing about his work that relies on a static Indian Identity. In the context of the New India with its glamour and explosive economics, he is searching for a new representation of the innermost dramas of his culture while maintaining universality and individuality. Kalla demonstrates that a painter can enact the innermost dramas of his culture while maintaining the individuality, even the idiosyncrasies of his performance There is a certain naivety in both his painting and writing which represents detachment but contains too a knowing gesture of assurance. His poetry & art works both are spiritually intuited.

In his own words, “You need to be absolutely unconstrained and not imprisoned to be able to create art. Let illusions be superfluous and you buoyed by its force, totally in meditation and in consonance with the universe to lose yourself to find oneself. You don’t think what is that you are about to paint but let yourself flow to the rhythm. The artworks are pleasantly abstract and soothing to the mind.”

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