Sekhar Kar Owl Mixed Media on Paper 15 x 24 inches


Sekhar Kar

Owl, Mixed Media on Paper, 15 x 24 inches

MediumMixed Media
DimensionW: 15 Inches X H: 24 Inches X D: 1 Inches
W: 38.1 cm X H: 60.96 cm X D: 2.54 cm
StyleAnimals paintings
MovementContemporary Indian Art
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About the Artist and his work :
D.O.B : 31-12-1961.

Qualification :
1986 : Graduated from Rabindra Bharati University (Cal), with First Class Second in B. Fine.
1989 : Master Degree from the same University with First Class First in M. Fine.

Solo Exhibition :
1990:Gallery Sundaram (Cal)
1991 :Alliance, Francaise De Delhi (Delhi)
1995:Bajaj Art Gallery (Bombay)
1995 :Jharokha Art Gallery (Delhi)
1995 :Sukhsiti (Kol)
2000 :Crimson (Bangalore)
2003 :Krishna Collector Centre (New Delhi)
2006:Right Lince (Banglore)
2008:Japan Chitra (Kol)

Group Exhibition :
1996 Art Anonymus, Oxfrd Gallery (Kol, Park Hotel)
1998, 2004, Eminient Artists & Young Talents, Accademy of Fine Arts, (Kol)
1998 Jharokha Art Gallery (Delhi),Birla Accademy, (Kol).
1999 Kornataka Chittakala Parishath (Bangalore), Son-Et. Lumier (Bombay), Birla Academy (Bombay) Alternative Art Gallery (Kol)
2002 Texas, New York, Philadelphia (USA), Dubai.
2003 Rabindra Bhavan, Krishna Collector (N. Delhi)
2005 Renesainse Gallery (Bangalore)
2006 Kolkata, Delhi, Dubai, Bombay, America, Bangalore and Others

Award :
1985 “Silver Medal” East Zone Youth Festival, Dhanbad.
1986 “ Certificate of Merit” WB Govt. Art & Craft Exhibition (Kol)
1987 “ Certificate of Merit” All India Youth Art Exhibition (Kol)
1988 “Rabindra Bharati University” Annual Art Exhibition (Kol).
1989 “ Gold Medal” in M. Fine from Rabindra Bharati University (Kol)

Style :
Sekhar Kar paintings depict men and women in swirling masses of color with cesspools of emptiness for eyes. This allows the viewers the freedom to interpret the emotions depicted in a variety of ways, though the overall painting is bathed in sadness and mystery.

This work will be shipped without the frame in a roll form or flat as the work demands, free of cost.

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