Vijit Pillai Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 32×44 inches
Vijit Pillai Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 32×44 inches


Vijit Pillai

Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas, 32 x 44 inches

EUR  3,900

DimensionW: 44 Inches X H: 32 Inches X D: 1 Inches
W: 111.76 cm X H: 81.28 cm X D: 2.54 cm
MovementContemporary Indian Art


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Born on 1st January 1970

I am inspired by a simple touch of any undiscovered story that is present in all things that have been and will be. Textures, paints, photographs and the canvas ignites a deep passion in me for presenting my take on life and how I perceive things. I integrate and weave them into my work, because I believe that life has to be lived in a unique manner as everyone is out on a different journey.
Vijit Pillai was lucky to have been introduced to the beautiful world of art by his mother, who was an artist herself. He is famous for his mixed media art, which involves unique textures, paints and photographs on the canvas. He has held several solo shows including ‘Blues of Buddha’, ‘Lombok by Moonlight’ and ‘Blue Nirvana’ in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Gurgaon. His work is a blend of contemporary and the modern world. He has received the All India Award for “The Best Painting” from Nehru Yuva Kendra. He has exhibited his art in some of the most famous art galleries in New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad

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