Song of the road – K.S. Radhakrishnan


K.S. Radhakrishnan

Song of the Road : A man happily pulling the yesteryears hand rickshaw; figurative, bronze, by Modern Master KS Radhakrishnan

DimensionW: 22 Inches X H: 12.5 Inches X D: 9 Inches
W: 55.88 cm X H: 31.75 cm X D: 22.86 cm
StyleFigurative Sculptures
MovementModern Indian Art

Song of the road : Rickshaw, figurative, bronze sculpture by ace Modern Indian Artist, student of RamKinkar Baij Sharbari Dutta, K.S. Radhakrishnan.

The bronze figures are elfin, mischievous, airy, acrobatic, and archaic, delicately balancing on one hand or leg. He renders a sensuous quality to his works by deploying extraordinary body movements of his figures.

Radhakrishnan is a distinctive and appealing presence on the modern Indian sculpture scene. He says: “For me bronze works best because it is strong, and brings out the character of my sculptures. Although it takes time, the process also becomes a part of my art form.”

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Style :
K.S Radhakrishnan is one of the most notable among the new generation of sculptors. Like many of his contemporaries he is a figurative sculptor, but his preference for modelling and bronze casting sets him apart from the rest of them. Recharging age old sculptural processes with a new sensibility, thus is the singular challenge he brings to modern Indian sculpture. And this makes him a modernist – who approaches his work with discernible ambition and considerable aplomb while steering clear of brinkmanship.

Radhakrishnan’s works often drawn from the emotions and myths of the Hindu gods, such as Shiva, Kali and Radha. His sculptures are often larger than life-sized; placed in the outdoors, they evoke a superhuman atmosphere. Over the years, Radhakrishnan has experienced with alternate sculpting mediums, working in molten bronze, beeswax and Plaster of Paris.The physical process of working with the materials becomes a performance in itself. The sculpture is the product of a tactile engagement with his medium.

With celebration of sensuality as one of its running themes, his works is at once both intimate and universal in its appeal. A personal commemorative sculpture, with a scale and presence that holds well in natural settings, his work has found permanent home in a number of public collections all over the world.

About the Artist and his work :
Born : Born 1956, Kerala.

Education :
1979 : B.F.A. in Sculpture, Viswa Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal
1981 : M.F.A. in Sculpture, Viswa Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal.

Solo exhibitions :
2006 : ’Freehold’ at Museum Gallery, Mumbai
‘Freehold’ at Artalive Gallery, New Delhi
2005 : ’The Ramp’ at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
‘Unbearable Lightness of being’ at India International Centre, New Delhi
2004 : ’The Ramp’ at Sridharani Art Gallery, New Delhi
‘The Ramp’ at Bayer ABS Limited Gallery, Vadodara
2000 : ’Musui Maiya’ sponsored by Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
1998 : ’Song of the Road’ – sponsored by International Travel House, ITC, New Delhi
‘Portal’ – Apeejay Lawns, Calcutta, sponsored by Apeejay Surendra, Group, Calcutta
1993 : Centre des Bonds de Marne, LePerreux-Bry sur-Marne, Paris, France.
1987 : Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Participated Exhibitions :
2007 : ’Darpan’ an exhibition sponsored by Nvya Gallery, New Delhi
Travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia – sponsored by Nvya Gallery.
2006 : Travel to U.S.A, sponsored by Arts India, New York
Travel to Russia, sponsored by Art Resource Trust, Mumbai
Travel to Morocco, sponsored by Popular Prakashan, Mumbai.
2005 : Travel to Istanbul, Turkey to attend artists workshop
Travel to China (Silk Route) sponsored by Uttarayan, Baroda
Travel to South Africa organised by Gallery Navya, New Delhi.
2003 : Travel to Cairo and other cities in Egypt to attend an artists workshop
Travel to France and Italy sponsored by TMI Foundation France
Exhibition titled ‘Can’ curated by Johny M.L
Exhibition ‘Only connect’ at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Exhibition ‘Nayika’ by Ganesha Art Gallery, New Delhi.
2002 : Travel to Thailand to attend the artists workshop at Pataya.
2001 : Attended Artist workshop, Coco Palms, Puri, Orissa.
2000 : ’Contemporary Woman’ at HongKong Visual Arts Centre, HongKong.
1999 : International Workshop on Art & Architecture at Khajuraho, sponsored by Orient Express, New Delhi Installed open air sculptures at the TMI Campus, South of France and many others cities.

Awards :
1985 : Awarded Junior Fellowship, by Ministry of Human Resources, GOI.
1981 : Awarded Fellowship from Lalit Kala Academi (LKA), to work at Garhi Studios, New Delhi.
1980 : Award – Birla Academi of Arts and Culture at the Annual Exhibition of Art.

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