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Bengal Connect stems from our love for the “City of Joy” Kolkata or its adjoining areas. The Warmth of the City, err…town ..oops city ..yes, its a city, a metropolis at that, with the warmth and cosiness of a town. Such is its beauty.

There are enough painters here, whose works vehemently speak about the city, its love for the trams, hand-rickshaws, Bengali men in dhotis, the woman with red ‘aalta’ red sindoors or red bindis on their forehead. The lanes of North Kolkata with their old Bengali Baris ( Bengali for Houses), the portrayal of the courtyards or the terraces, the Influence of Rabindranath Tagore or the depiction of his famous writings, stories or poems. Charulata looking out those louvred Bengali windows. The Victoria Memorial or the umpteen Colonial buildings, the architecture of which could be more intriguing, There’s something for everyone here who wants to take back home a piece of Bengal.


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Bengal Connect