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Important factors to keep in Mind while using Gallery Kolkata Site

pricing Error

With the steady growth of our  inventory on our website, often our IT team working remotely canmistakenly input wrong prices for corresponding images.
In a situation where a collector wishes to collect a work and a human err on posting price or other details are noticed ; it would be intimated to the collector.
Under no circumstance will Gallery Kolkata be liable to honor such err in data entry of pricing or art details of any kind . Any discrepancy of any kind in no way would be held against the integrity of the Gallery or its intentions to bring forth to our patrons, the very best in Price, Service & Experience.

Error in listing Art Detail or Size

We rely on our IT team who work on the website. These are people who may not be very well versed with art works , sizes and details and can mistakenly input wrong data . Thus a misinterpretation of the size or Medium or Title or Price may become visible on the site. Such error in information will not be held against the creditability of the gallery or our intention to serve our patrons in the best possible way. 

Why pricing Error

Because we wish to reach you at the best possible price ; we look at every opportunity to offer possible discounts and make the art more accessible to our patrons. However all good things come with an expiry date and often these Sales are Time Bound. However, due to our ever growing inventory there could be sale prices that may remain on the site while the sale has ended . In such cases the gallery would not be liable to honor any such prices.


While we did start off with the intention to provide you the best possible way to simply click and purchase, the various small glitches on the technology and the ticket size of the purchase, led us to believe that the best practice would be to call / write to the gallery and check with us on the availability of the artwork , Price and the total amount to be paid. We there after can send you a link to pay via the credit card or Net Banking. 

Copyright Images

Do note that all images on the website are copy right gallery Kolkata & Our respective artists and collaborations . No images , logos , written text etc are permissible to copy and used from our website, catalogues or other material. This would result in serious violation of the copy right laws and intellectual property right policies and is considered an offence and punishable by Law. Thus kindly refrain from doing any such thing. 

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