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How to sell

For Artists

You can enrol yourself, with us to showcase your artworks on the gallery’s online-platform, to reach out to new and diversified Art Lovers . However, this is taken on a case to case basis. Should your works be selected by the jury your works would start showing on the Gallery Kolkata website.

Steps to Follow –

  • – Make a decent portfolio of some old as well as your recent works.
  • – Make sure the size of images are neither too small nor too large
  • – 200-300 KB would give you decent quality of images
  • – Email us your complete updated CV along with the work images
  • – Once we receive it we will get back to you within 7-45 days or earlier
  • – Email your works with Your Name , City , Phone No. in the subject line

Write to us at

For Collectors

Should a collector wish to sell works through Gallery Kolkata, we would need the following:

  • Full Details of the Proposed works :Artists names , purchase details along with High-Quality images of the works.
  • Authentication, provenance and bill details
  • Any documentation or publication of the work e.g. Catalogues, Press Clippings etc
  • Only the owner of the work would be authorized to sell
  • Should the works align with our area of expertise & scope of work ; we shall exclusively take up sale of the works for you .
  • A commission for the sale of works would be charged by the gallery.

We would only sell on the following basis:

  • To the best interest of all and to actively & legitaly market the works , Gallery Kolkata would be the sole authorized agent/gallery to sell the works.
  • The acceptance of sale of any such artworks would be taken up on a case to case basis , and its acceptance for sale through the gallery channel, would be completely the personal discretion of   the gallery team and its directors .

Please contact the gallery for other further details
Write to us at

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But do send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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