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Chirantan Literally Means Immortal. Since time immemorable, humans or rather all living beings have held on to their habitats, not just feeling most comfortable around it but, thriving in them too.

It’s never more exciting for us to discover young artists who are making some amazing works. Every new discovery of these sets of artists and going through their works sends a rush of adrenaline through us. Prices being in their nascent and low points is another thrill that makes the works well within the reach of an average pocket.

The need of the hour is to feel grounded, to connect to our family and friends to bond, and to feel-one with our surroundings. Why then wouldn’t most of us feel a sense of serenity, gazing at, a painting depicting the beautiful ghats of Benaras or painting with the abstraction of meditative colors. We were careful to select a group of younger talents whose works have the tenacity and fire to remain relevant over the years. 

The Perfect Timing

With the beginning of the festivities around us, even though we stay tight in our respective houses, its the best time to indulge in your favourite artworks. Each work of art has been handpicked to bring our patrons the very best of the works by younger artists. Price points being low, it is the perfect time to collect their wonderful large unique works without a pocket pinch. You are sure to thank us later.

Without any bias, all artists in this exhibition have been carefully selected for reasons of their expertise in thought, technique, concept, or execution. 

However, what one should or should not collect is a very personal choice and good or bad art is a very relative term. 

Thus simply follow your intuition and collect what feels and looks right to you. 

A hand picked selection of 100 Artists – 300 + works – The most uniquely curated exhibition of timeless works by young artists who have been painting from 10 – 30 years. These artists are not only professional artists but whose works have sustained over a period of time and come up trumps amongst their contemporaries. Hunt down works that you would never tire of.

The Best of Young Contemporary Art

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"Arts for Art's Sake! We hope our Patrons will enjoy collecting the work of these young guns and start to build a great collection. Write to us with your inputs and we look forward to your patronage for these amazing talents"
meghna agarwala

100 Artists – with their uniquely crafted works ! 

Now is your chance to Hunt Down those Gems  

All Under One Roof At Chirantan 7th – 30 Nov 2020 

Click Here To View The Exhibition 

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